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If you would like to know more about any of the bracelets or bangles you have seen or are interested in purchasing a piece please contact me at or by using the form on the Contact Me page

batman cuff
invaders cuff.jpg
space invaders inspired cuff
rebel alliance cuff
do or cuff.jpg
star wars inspired "do or do not there is no try" cuff
millennium falcon cuff
may the cuff.jpg
star wars inspired "may the force be with you" cuff
volkswagen logo cuff
pacman cuff
superman logo cuff
lattice cuff.jpg
silver lattice cuff
black cuff satin.jpg
Black leather cuff with satin silver plate
11 link chainmail bracelet
wire bangle.jpg
silver wire bangle
5 link chain mail.jpg
5 link chainmail bracelet
Picture 011.jpg
Planished wide silver cuff
circle punch torque.jpg
Circle punch torque bangle
idiots delight.jpg
Idiots delight bracelet
planished torque.jpg
Planished torque bangle
lg link bracelet.jpg
Large link bracelet
brown cuff toffee2.jpg
Brown leather cuff with toffee hammered plate
toffee hammered round.jpg
Toffee hammered round bangle
oval twisted & rnd.jpg
Oval twisted and round link bracelet
oval planished.jpg
Oval planished bangle
Picture 007.jpg
Circle punched silver cuff
wedge hammered hexagonal.jpg
Wedge hammered hexagonal bangle
planished brown cuff.jpg
Brown faux leather cuff with planished plate
wedge hammered oval2.jpg
Wedge hammered oval bangle
skull cuff
laser hallmarked brown cuff.jpg
Brown faux leather cuff with laser hallmarked plate
Picture 008.jpg
Wedge hammered silver cuff
Picture 020.jpg
Planished silver cuff
Round and oval link bracelet
round & oval sq wire links1.jpg
Round and oval square wire link bracelet
round link.jpg
Round link bracelet
spotty bangle.jpg
Spotty bangle
black cuff planished.jpg
Black leather cuff with planished plate
flat hammered round.jpg
Flat hammered round bangle
Black faux leather cuff with laser hallmarked plate
circle bangle.jpg
Circle stamped bangle
toffee hammered round2.jpg
Toffee hammered round bangle
wedge hammered brown cuff.jpg
Brown faux leather cuff with wedge hammered plate
wedge hammered oval.jpg
Wedge hammered oval bangle
Black faux leather cuff with wedge hammered plate
planished discs bracelet.jpg
Planished discs bracelet
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