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If you would like to know more about any of the necklaces or pendants you have seen or are interested in purchasing a piece please contact me at or by using the form on the Contact Me page

chalcedony pendant2a.jpg
Chalcedony pendant
hollow holey pendant.jpg
Hollow holey pendant
chainmail chocker.jpg
Chainmail chocker
amethyst heart pendant.jpg
Amethyst heart pendant
batman penadant.jpg
batman logo pendant
skull pendant.jpg
silver skull pendant
rnd & oval sq wire.jpg
Round and oval square wire necklace
guitar picks.jpg
Silver guitar picks
Picture 051.jpg
Silver and cold enamel ladybird
Picture 182.jpg
Large carnelian pendant
large domed heart pendant.jpg
Large domed heart pendant
amethyst snowflake.jpg
Amethyst snowflake pendant
Snowman pendant
round & oval.jpg
Round & oval necklace
oval topaz pendant.jpg
Oval topaz pendant
lg seahorse pendant.jpg
Large silver seahorse pendant
round link necklace.jpg
Round link necklace
rutile quartz pendant.jpg
Rutile quartz pendant
silver heart pendant.jpg
Silver heart pendant
Picture 034.jpg
Silver penguin pendant
titanium disc pendant.jpg
Silver and titanium disc pendant
twisted oval and round1.jpg
Twisted oval and round necklace
christmas tree.jpg
Christmas tree pendant
18x13 labradorite pendant.jpg
18x13 labradorite pendant
18x13 flourite pendant.jpg
18x13 flourite pendant
18x13 lavender amethyst.jpg
18x13 lavender amethyst pendant
18x13 pendants 2.jpg
A selection of 18x13 pendants
25x18 amethyst pendant.jpg
25x18 amethyst pendant
25x18 labradorite pendant.jpg
25x18 labradorite pendant
25x18 pendants.jpg
A selection of 25x18 pendants
10mm amethyst pendant.jpg
10mm amethyst pendant
aquamarine snowflake.jpg
Aquamarine snowflake pendant
curved patterned pendant.jpg
Curved patterned pendant
green agate.jpg
Green agate pendant
large planished dome pendant.jpg
Large planished dome pendant
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