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If you would like to know more about any of the collections you have seen or are interested in purchasing a piece please contact me at or by using the form on the Contact Me page

wedge hammered centre collection.jpg
Wedge hammered centre collection
Picture 085.jpg
Red cold enamel collection
circle collection.jpg
Circle collection
Picture 042.jpg
Black cold enamel collection
drop collection.jpg
Drop collection
Picture 066.jpg
Yellow cold enamel collection
holey collection.jpg
Holey collection
oval planished collection.jpg
Oval planished collection
circle pattern and garnet collection.jpg
Circle pattern and garnet collection
Picture 074.jpg
Orange cold enamel collection
holey and jumpring collection.jpg
Porthole collection
Picture 048.jpg
Blue cold enamel collection
Picture 045.jpg
Pink cold enamel collection
Picture 040.jpg
Green cold enamel collection
Picture 072.jpg
White cold enamel collection
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